Curso Terapias em Realidade Virtual


Já falamos um pouco aqui sobre como a Realidade Virtual pode ser uma forte aliada no tratamento médico.

Está disponível na Udemy um curso sobre uso de terapias para tratamento de fobias, depressão, estresse, PTSD, autismo, Parkinson, entre outras.

Quais são as exigências?

– Student don’t need to have any previous knowledge about Virtual Reality
– Students need to be familiar with emotional pain and therapies.

O que aprenderei?

– To be updated in the latest Virtual Reality technology applied for therapies.
– To offer the latest alternative to treat different phobias, depression, PTSD, Alzheimer, Parkinson, autism and pain through Virtual Reality technology.
– To set-up their own equipment and make money offering Virtual Reality for therapies.
– To inform their patients about the latest treatments and results acquired by other professionals and universities worldwide.